Neat networks 2014 contest


Altogether twelve networks participated in Neat networks contest in spring 2014. The first prize went to networks in Hämeenlinna and in Oulu, Finland.

Contest and the contest entries


Neat networks 2014 was a contest for networks of entrepreneurship education created by teachers, teacher educators, enterprises and working life organisations.

The aim of the contest was to promote networking within entrepreneurship education and spread the good practices and results of networking further. The contest is organised by YVI Project, a national project for promoting entrepreneurship education in Finland. 

In the contest, the participant networks were asked to provide information about their activities and future plans, as well as test a webtool called YVI Engine. The contest ran from February until April 2014.

Information and instructions for participating

Information about YVI Engine

Information about YVI´s networking contest in 2013 

For further information, please contact Laura Yöntilä (communications officer of YVI Project), laura.yontila(a), tel. +358 44 588 6475.

YVI Project site in English

Verraton verkosto 2014 (Contest site in Finnish)